Break Pad Replacement Repair Dublin

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Break Pad Replacement Repair Dublin

What are break pads? Your breaks are the single most important safety feature on your vehicle. It is important to have your break pads checked and replaced when they have worn down, failure to replace your break pads can cause further damage to your breaking system.

When you break your break pads are what squeezes your break disks on your wheels to slow you down smoothly and efficiently.

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How do I know I need my break pads replaced?

Visual inspection – Have a look at your break pads on your wheel, there should be at least a quarter of the break pad visible. Vibrations – When you are breaking if you feel a vibration under your foot it may be a sign you need your break pads need to be replaced.

Squealing / Squeaking – this is one of the most common signs you need to get your break pads replaced. This squealing noise can indicate that you no longer have any break pads left and in fact every time you break metal is against metal, this damages your break system further and it can cause your stopping distance to shorten dramatically.

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