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Head Gasket Repair & Replace Dublin

Repairing a head gasket is any motorist worst nightmare. the words alone ,head gasket repair, can cause anyone a lot of distress. How much will it cost? Is my car broke for good? With over 15 years experience let us take the stress off you . We can do a free car check and advise you what is going to best suit your car and your budget.

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How do i know my head gasket needs repair?

  • Engine temperature: If your car is constantly overheating it may be a sign that your head gasket needs repair.
  • If your car is constantly losing coolant and there is no visible leaks its a sign your head gasket may need repair.
  • Is there excess water or steam/white smoke coming from your exhaust? If yes this is another sign you may need your head gasket repaired.

If you notice any of the above sign please try and avoid driving your car until one of our fully insured fully trained mechanics does a complete check, and best of all we can come to you at at time and location to suit you.

For a free quote on a head gasket repair please call us on 083 8377 688 or click on the link below and one of our mechanics will call you straight back.

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