Timing Belt Replacement Dublin

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Timing Belt Replacement Dublin

If your car has a timing belt and most cars do, replacing it as required by the manufacturer is an absolute necessity. A timing belt is a simple rubber belt which keeps the top of your engine in time with the bottom of your engine.

If your timing belt is not replaced when advised by your manufacturer this belt can snap and cost you a huge amount of money and it can cause further damage to your engine.

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If you are unsure if your timing belt has been replaced it is better to have us check for you, do not take a chance that it has already been done by a previous owner or mechanic. Let us check it and give you full peace of mind.

Remember, timing belt replacement isn’t an option its an essential part of properly maintaining your vehicle.

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With 15 years experience your vehicle is in safe hands with our fully insured and qualified mechanics. We strive to give you the best possible service at excellent rates. We stand by our philosophy of quoting clear, honest prices with no hidden costs.