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Part Worn Tyres Dublin

Are you in the market for part worn tyres in Dublin? Are you replacing your tyres on a budget? When you’re buying from a reputable, trustworthy supplier like us, part worn tyres are an excellent, cost-effective option.

Why is it Important to have good safe Tyres? – Tyres are the most important part of any vehicle, They are the only thing between your car and the road. The majority of people over look the importance of having safe, properly fitted tyres. A lot of factors are important when investing in your car tyres such as the weight of your car,the amount of miles you travel daily and the types of road you most frequently drive on.

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Affordable, Mobile, Safe Tyres

We offer a complete tyre check on all vehicle types and have a wide range of part worn tyres available in Dublin to suit all budgets.

Call us today on 083 8377 688 to have your tyres checked and replaced at a time and location that works for you. We can come to your home, place of work and of course the roadside for assistance. We stand by our philosophy of giving you clear honest prices with no hidden costs.

How do I know I need replace my tyres?

Visual Inspection; When the car is stopped turn your steering wheel fully to one side, and get out and look at the full width of your tyre. If you notice that the threads are not even all the way across you need to have your tyres checked. Your thread depth should be at a minimum of 1.6mm to be road legal.

If you are happy you have enough thread depth, check the side wall of your tyres, there should be no visible cracks or bulges in your tyre. If you see any bulges or cracks call us today as you run the risk of having a blow out.

Another clear sign you need your tyres checked or replaced is a vibration under your wheel while driving. If you hear/feel a vibration while driving call us to have a full tyre check today.

Remember Tyres are the only part of your car in contact with the road.